Ocean Reef Islands in Ocean Home Magazine

Paradise-seekers will want to peruse Ocean Home: The Luxury Coastal Lifestyle Magazine to see the stunning four-page spread on Panama’s newest residential and commercial development. Ocean Home writer Brianna Lapolla wrote a fantastic piece on the Ocean Reef Islands luxury complex and the powerful duo behind it all: Grupo Los Pueblos and Bob Hurwitz. Here were some of our favorite quotes from the article “Ocean Reef Islands: The first man-made, urban islands in Latin America.”

“It’s not every day that your dream oasis becomes a reality, so perfect that you’d swear it was tailored to your every desire.”
“Because of Panama’s perfect entanglement of modern and vintage structures, timeless tradition, and breathtaking natural wonders, there is no question as to why the concept for Ocean Reef Islands emerged from the Panama Sea.”
“Quality of life on the Ocean Reef Island is above and beyond all expectations, desires, and fantasies of even the most discerning residents.”
“With all the privacy of a desert island, but all the indulgence of a five-star resort, this is exactly the place for those with exquisite and glamorous living prerequisites.”

Learn more about the Panama Paradise by visiting the Ocean Reef Islands online.

Ex-model Nicole Murphy, football’s Michael Strahan list Brentwood home at $6.95 million

The contemporary Mediterranean features six bedrooms and eight bathrooms in 9,200 square feet.

January 09, 2012|By Lauren Beale, Los Angeles Times


Former model Nicole Murphy and football analyst Michael Strahan have listed their house in a gated community in Brentwood at $6.95 million.

Designed for entertaining, the contemporary Mediterranean features two dens, a wet bar, a theater room, a wine cellar, an elevator, six bedrooms and eight bathrooms in 9,200 square feet. The master suite includes a sitting area, fireplace, dual bathrooms, dual closets and a balcony. A deck overlooks the swimming pool, spa and yard.

Murphy, 43, was married to comedian Eddie Murphy from 1993 to 2006.

Defensive end Strahan, 40, played for the New York Giants throughout his NFL career, retiring in 2008 after winning Superbowl XLII. He starred in the 2009 TV series “Brothers.”

The property was purchased for $5 million in 2009, the year Murphy and Strahan got engaged.

They are selling because they don’t use the house very much, according to listing agent Bob Hurwitz of Hurwitz James Co.


[email protected]
Photo by Unlimited Style Real Estate Photography

Luxury Real Estate Trends in LA: “All about the wow factor”

bradbury estate

Luxury real-estate trends in Los Angeles are like sequels to blockbuster action movies: Everything is bigger, more high-tech, and definitely over the top.

So says Colleen Egan, in a recent Architectural Digest article on everyone’s favorite glamour topic, higher-than-high-end real estate.

And nothing says luxury like amenities that no one else has – the more outsized, the more beautiful and unique, the better. Egan interviews several well-known reps in this market to get an understanding of what drives the trend.

According to Million Dollar Listing star James Harris, it isn’t just the clients asking for flashy extras. Developers of spec houses want theirs to stand out from the rest, so they engage in a sort of one-upmanship by adding newer, better stuff — like 6,000-square-foot master suites, “ice rooms” and even a jellyfish room, to cite three unusual features of a recent Bel Air mansion project.

Our own Josh Reef weighed in about client-driven add-ons, like super luxurious master suites and dedicated wine rooms.

“Our clients are looking for amenities like dual master baths. They want steam showers with a rainshower-type shower head, and jets along the interior. They are also expecting a separate tub in the master bath, which tends to be around 500 to 750 square feet.”

6909 E Oak Ln Orange CA 92869-MLS_Size-037-168-0137-1280x960-72dpi

Oenophiles in the Beverly Hills market won’t be satisfied with a little wine fridge, and developers are building to meet that wine-fanatic’s requirements.

“Wine cellars are very important,” Reef says, “and I’m seeing more underground tasting rooms, some with seating for up to eight.”

And where all luxury homes on the market tend to have high-ticket professional appliances, the new trend is simply to double the number of them. Redfin agent Alec Traub says “I’m seeing two of everything, like dishwashers, stoves, and fridges in separate areas, especially in open-concept homes.”
This balances out the desire for an open floor plan on one hand, with the need to have appliances at hand for entertaining – so additional rooms are created to house the extra equipment.

Quietly built in to the newest properties, and an increasingly typical upgrade, is home automation. High-end buyers want to walk in the door and control everything inside using their phone, and even from wherever they are before they get home.  The technology is available and very much in demand, with new products and capabilities added every day – so the developer is always willing to add the extra bells and whistles.

What else appears on the high-end wish list?
Ultra-luxurious swimming pools, of course.

In Beverly Hills, Bel Air and beyond, it’s not enough just to have a backyard pool.
“A must-have is the infinity-edge pool,” Reef says.  But chlorine is being passed over for saltwater pools, the most sought-after type, and developers have followed suit.

infinity pool

And in an area that boasts more movie stars per square mile than any other in the world, screening rooms are almost commonplace. Except the high-end ones get their own bungalow, with adjacent gym room and guest quarters.

The gym room itself is morphing more into the ‘wellness center,’ probably a reflection of California’s leadership in everything related to healthy lifestyles and physical appearance. The personal wellness center can include everything from saunas and spas to Egyptian baths, cold water plunges, makeup rooms and hair salons.

And once the recipient of this custom beauty regimen is ready for his or her closeup, the next step is to show it off. Young Hollywood will then rush out to the latest hot nightclub, but for upping the luxe hipster quotient, why not have the nightclub in your home? The at-home nightclub makes Mr or Ms media star the host of the ultimate party house – while offering a buffer from the paparazzi.

Agent Spotlight: Will Fuller


With over 10 years in successfully developing multi-million dollar luxury estates, estate management, marketing, and sales, Will Fuller has been hand-selected to spearhead the expansion of Hurwitz James Company into Florida.

A Maine native, Will has lived a bi-coastal life from an early age, giving him a uniquely broad perspective on different markets in the US.

Will received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management from the University of Maine. Will’s vision in addition to his artistic sensibilities, out-of-the-box thinking, and deep insight into Florida and California markets makes him the “perfect storm” for working with our most discriminating luxury home buyers and sellers.

HJC Attends China-US Forum on Education and Investment

HJCchina shot 2

Last week, Bob Hurwitz and members of the HJC team attended the China-US Forum on Education and Investment in Shenzhen City, China.

As the first meeting of its kind between major investment groups and educators in the world’s two biggest economies, the forum focused on topics of investment risks and opportunities, overseas education and immigration policy, overseas asset allocation and cultural challenges – all issues that will be factors in the rapidly-changing economic landscape in both countries for years to come.

Guest speakers at the forum included senior investment manager Alex Ahlstrom, Vice President of Overseas Development at EB5 Group, Xu Li, founder and chairman of the board of Happy Life Education Foundation Limited, Zhu Xiaodong, international education and business cooperation expert, Nicolai Hinrichsen of the Miller Mayer immigration team, and David Schuessler, director of client relations of InGenius Prep. A lively question-and-answer session with investors ranged from current China-US investment conditions and trends to US law and taxation issues, and details on specific China-US investment opportunities.

HJCchina photo1

Organizers were well-pleased with the turnout and enthusiasm with which their US counterparts were greeted.
“We hope this forum can promote the establishment of a more reliable market credibility mechanism in all regions, provide strong support for China-US education development, project investment, immigration strategy and more cooperation,” said Zhu. “Our goal is to build a bridge for economic and cultural communication, to support increased development between China and the US.”

HJCchina shot 3

Tech Spotlight: Real Estate Genius

re genius

Search smarter and faster with Real Estate Genius, the industry’s newest app
that puts the world’s real estate right in the palm of your hand.

The world is moving to smart phones with a high demand for quick access to information. Our clients have joined our agents relying more and more on smart phones, in nearly every phase of the real estate process. As part of the Hurwitz James Company’s expanding scope of offerings and services, we are very excited to offer this new state-of-the-art app to our clients. Real Estate Genius is not only extremely accurate and fast, it’s intuitive and fun to use — it’s like carrying a 24/7 real estate experience in your pocket.

  • Search for unique homes in choice locations worldwide.
  • Get price change alerts within minutes – never miss a thing.
  • Map out your search area with a fingertip.
  • Research comparable sales, and countless other possibilities!

New, upgraded features
The latest iteration of Real Estate Genius was well over a year in development, and it shows. Starting with our proprietary feed, the integrity of our home data is bulletproof — ensuring a fast, accurate user experience and connection to the MLS.  We also added tons of new and upgraded features, including:

Smart Search. Take the guesswork out of finding your dream home. Our Smart Search field takes as few as three characters to find what you’re looking for.
Favorite Homes. Ever encounter love at first sight? The Favorites tab allows you to save the special homes you see and easily access them later.
Advanced Mortgage Calculator. This simple mortgage calculator gives you a realistic preview of what monthly payments would be.
Advanced Filters. Easily tag properties as you go: Open Houses, Pending, Sold, Lease and Income Properties.

Added capabilities
-Take notes on properties.
-Check listings not just by days on the market, but down to the hour, minute and second!
-Get hyper-local, smart searches based on your phone’s GPS coordinates and other criteria.
-See how many people have viewed and favorited properties.
-Find ‘hidden’ properties and secret listings other searches don’t see.
-Savor its elegant edge-to-edge large photo view, and take virtual property tours.
-Connect with agents instantly, and invite friends to see your search.
-Use Real Estate Genius on your iPad, and much more!

Download Real Estate Genius free on Google Play and the App Store.

Area Spotlight: Beverly Hills

AKA Cibola, City of Gold | by Bob Hurwitz

Bob small

With listings on luxury properties in 13 different countries and various states across the U.S., I am often asked the following question: Which city receives the most inquiries from affluent buyers worldwide? The answer is simple—the famous 90210. Beverly Hills.

Much of the most expensive part of Beverly Hills is, in fact, flat (known as “the flats”) and the origins of the city are rather ignominious. While drilling for oil on a bean field, investors instead found water that could support residential development—but this would have most likely failed without a congruence of luck and genius. To put it more succinctly, Beverly Hills owes its success to the construction of the Beverly Hills hotel and the glamour of the movie industry – whose most famous stars (in front of and behind the camera) became its most visible residents.


Fast forward a few decades and multiply that pizzazz a hundredfold.  Add in the apotheosis of conspicuous consumption of the Golden Triangle (anchored by Rodeo Drive, of course) and you have a destination of maximal attraction for home ownership and residency that appeals to all cultures, nationalities, races and religions. The only color that matters here is green, and if you want to own property in the most desirable locations in Beverly Hills, you had better bring a lot of it.

You want to know the power and appeal of Beverly Hills as it relates to realtors? I will tell you a true story: Any agent from any city in the U.S. can reel off a litany of reasons why someone should buy a home in their neighborhood. If they can’t, then they should be in a different occupation. In fact, even if they can, they should probably be in a different job. There are far too many of us in this industry. Anyway, I digress. Beverly Hills has power—the power to make an agent money. Just because it is. All the work has been done for you. The name sells itself.

BH Bob editorial

In 1992 I had an office on Wilshire Boulevard (in Brentwood, not Beverly Hills). I lived on the beach and I didn’t want to have to drive through traffic to go to the office every day. And besides, I had listings in a lot of different areas in Los Angeles, so it really didn’t matter where I was located as long as it was central. Plus, my office had a great view and there was a Baja Buds across the street where my agents and I would go almost every day for the killer carnitas burritos.

One day I took a call from an agent on the East Coast whom I didn’t know and had never heard of. He confirmed that fact, basically saying: “I am nobody you ever heard of, just an agent with so and so realty in Connecticut and I have seen your ads for really expensive homes in magazines for a long time.” Silence. I figured uh, okay, so maybe he wants to ask me if I am getting buyers for my properties from the ads or am I just being milked and throwing away money, the usual questions other agents will often contact me about when they are considering breaking into their piggy bank to dip their toe into the world of 4 color mainstream advertising—instead of the local rag where you get your property listed 8 times for like 30 bucks, with a free subscription, and half price off a foot-long at their main advertiser Subway with double fake meat. (You know, the really effective advertising that a lot of agents like to sink their hard earned skrilla into, while praying for their dream buyer to show up who just won the lotto, is tired of looking at houses and being evicted from his apartment based on the fact he didn’t pay his rent for six months before he won the lotto, and conveniently also happens to be a recent brain donor…)

Turns out, that is not why he called me. He goes on to tell me he doesn’t deal with high-end properties, but he figured because of my advertising he would like to refer me a wealthy couple who would like to buy a house in Los Angeles. I said: “Great. Who are they?”

He said: “I don’t know.”

I said: “What?”

He replied: “I don’t know them. My friend is their translator. They told him to find a good agent in Los Angeles because they want to buy a house.”

I said: “Great, you found your man. What price range are they looking?”

He said: “No idea.”

I said: “None?”

He said: “No. How much are properties there?”


At this point I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it. I brought it back to my head: “It varies. They must have given him some idea of what they want to spend, yeah? Or what area in Los Angeles?” He replied: “I think maybe $3 or $4 million. They want a big house. They are flying out tomorrow and only staying one night. No idea where they want to buy. All I heard from my friend is they are completely demanding and fire almost everyone right away. Oh, and they are going to buy a house tomorrow.”

I was thinking: “Yeah, riiiiggght…” but I said, “Okay. No problem, have the translator call me and I will meet with them.”

Fast-forward to the next day. I arrive at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, meet their chauffeur, and he informs me they arrived in the morning. I asked him how the flight was and he says great. They have their own plane. I ask what type of plane—a lot of my clients have their own jets, so I have a bit of knowledge about that. He describes basically what is a converted commercial airliner, not an executive jet. I realize they have some serious money. He directs me upstairs where I meet them and the translator in a gigantic suite. They are a young, very formally dressed couple, and through their interpreter proceed to provide me details of the 14 other properties they own around the world, including one in Europe used by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev for a summit meeting. In about 4 seconds I realize the properties I had planned on showing them in the $4 million range would be better suited for housing their labradoodles and immediately went to Plan B, aka The Sky is the Limit.


As I know is also the case in other cities, in Los Angeles, the agents who represent the most expensive properties and clients as their main business all know and deal with each other all the time. There are always “pocket listings” that are not on the public market or the MLS, but are quietly available to qualified buyers. I called a few of my fellow luxury realtors and explained what I was looking for and immediately learned of 3 or 4 properties that would fit the bill. Although normally it would be 24-hour notice minimum to show these properties, I told the agents the buyers were in town for one day and were going to buy on this one day. I, thankfully, had the reputation and street cred to pull it off.

(Oh, except for one agent who I have done a half dozen major deals with who refused to arrange a showing on an enormous estate in Bel Air and said: “Oh, Bob, you know no one ever buys a property in this price range in one day…” We are friends so she will go nameless, but I still remind her of it.)

I end up showing them three major estates: two of which were really unbelievable in Bel Air, Holmby Hills and the smallest one in Beverly Hills at only around 14 thousand square feet. Neither the husband nor the wife spoke English throughout the entire day. The only statement, made by the husband, who even though it was about a hundred degrees, wore a suit and tie as tight as a garrote the entire day and didn’t appear to perspire, commented in passable English as we walked through a huge gym loaded with equipment in one of the houses: “Every house has a gymnasium! Don’t anybody work?”

I thought they really were favoring the one property in Bel Air, but when we arrived back at the hotel the wife rattled off a spate of Italian for about 5 minutes as I waited for the translation. Finally the translator turned to me and said: “Madame says for you to buy her the Beverly Hills house.”

I was a little surprised since the property in Bel Air in particular was a stunner, but I said: “Okay. Any particular reason they chose that one?” He turned to her and she went on for another few minutes in Italian. Finally he turned to me and shrugged: “Beverly Hills. Madame shops Rodeo and that is a shorter drive.”

And so became the highest priced sale in Los Angeles in 1992.

Beverly Hills is more than just a place to live. It is likely the most recognized city in the world—in a good and very valuable way. People of wealth will always want to live there and own property there.

Many years ago I was walking through the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand and a wizened old Buddhist Monk came up to tie a sai sin, a sacred thread bracelet, around my wrist. He smiled and asked me if Arnold Schwarzenegger lived in Beverly Hills with all the other movie stars. I said: “No. In Brentwood. It is another rich neighborhood in Los Angeles.” He’d never heard of it.




Bob Hurwitz Successfully SOLD the unique Bali Paradise Estate OVER ASKING PRICE!

Stop by Bob’s Facebook Page and wish him a BIG CONGRATS: Facebook


Hurwitz James Company & Cadillac Open House

Join Us for Open House with Hurwitz James Company & Cadillac this Sunday in Malibu, California!

Hosted By Director of Public Relations, Josh Reef & Associates Violet Simpson & Will Fuller

Sunday, August 16th, 2015 | 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Address: 30145 Morning View Drive Malibu, Ca 90265

2015.08.10 Morning View Open House3

Listing courtesy of Bob Hurwitz, Hurwitz James Company. 

Offered at $12,688,000.

Bob Hurwitz on NBC Open House Nationwide!

10 Serenity Lane is a vineyard estate set amidst more than 100 acres of rolling hills. This sprawling estate has it all, a custom pool, banquet sized dining, massive wine cellar featured on NBC Nationwide!

Find Serenity at This Vineyard Estate

Contact Bob Hurwitz for your private tour today!

Bob Hurwitz

President and Founder


[email protected]

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.33.28 PM

Listing Courtesy of Bob Hurwitz, Hurwitz James Company. Offered at $42,000,000


Bob Hurwitz sells Michael Strahan’s home in Brentwood for $21.5 million!


The former New York Giants star sold the Brentwood home off-market for $21.5 million. (Unlimited Style Real Estate Photography | Inset: Associated Press)

By Lauren Beale & Neal J. Leitere

Contact Lauren Beale: [email protected]

Contact Neal J. Leitere: [email protected]

Retired football player turned talk show host Michael Strahan has sold his Brentwood home in an off-market deal for $21.5 million, public records show.

The East Coast-inspired Traditional, designed by Winston Brock Chappell and built in 2013, sits on an acre lot with a 59-foot swimming pool, an expansive lawn and mature trees.

la-fi-hotprop-michael-strahan-house-20150220-p-007 la-fi-hotprop-michael-strahan-house-20150220-p-010

The 15,600 square feet of living space across three stories includes a library, a home theater, a Prohibition-style wine cellar with a drinking lounge, a gym, a game room, a sauna and two laundry rooms. An elevator services the three levels.

Among its high-end features is an air filtration system in the library designed for cigar smoking. Glass installed for the 1,000-bottle wine cellar also doubles as a flat-screen television.

The master wing is outfitted with a sitting room with a fireplace. There are nine bedroom suites and 14 bathrooms.

A wrap-around porch is equipped with ceiling heaters. A covered cabana with a barbecue, a refrigerator and a fireplace complete the grounds.”

Strahan, 41, is the co-host of “Live! With Kelly and Michael” and a Fox football analyst. The defensive end played for the New York Giants for 15 years and retired in 2008 after winning Super Bowl XLII. He starred in the 2009 TV series “Brothers.”


Twitter: @LATHotProperty@NJLeitereg

Credit: Los Angeles Times 2015

Bob Hurwitz sells Colbie Caillat’s home in Hidden Hills!


Colbie Caillat has sold her Hidden Hills estate for $6.2 million. (Redfin.com | Inset: Jesse Grant / Getty Images)

By Lauren Beale

Contact Lauren Beale: [email protected]

Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat made quick work of selling her house in gated Hidden Hills. The Mediterranean went for $6.2 million in just over a month on the market.

The Santa Barbara-inspired house, built in 2013 on 1.13 acres, is entered through a courtyard with a bell tower. The 8,400-square-foot home features a center-island kitchen, a game room with a wet bar, a home theater, six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Glass sliders retract into walls off the great room and open to a covered loggia with stone floors and a pitched beam ceiling.


A swimming pool with a shelf feature, a spa, an outdoor kitchen, lawn, a putting green and a vegetable garden complete the grounds. There is a four-car garage.

Caillat, 29, won a Grammy for the duet “Lucky” with Jason Mraz. Her most recent album, “Gypsy Heart,” includes the hit song “Try.”

She bought the property in August for $6.1 million.

Michelle Kaplan and Kevin Godley of Pinnacle Estate Properties were the listing agents. Bob Hurwitz, Hurwitz James Company represented the buyer.

Twitter: @LATHotProperty

Credit: Los Angeles Times 2015

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Bob Hurwitz Currently Has Over $65,000,000 In Escrow

Even during the “Slowest” time of the year, Bob Hurwitz has managed to put over $65,000,000 in Escrow. Including mansions & estates in Santa Monica, Brentwood, & Bradbury, Ca. Just another reason why the most affluent sellers list their properties with Hurwitz James Company.


Travel Channel Interviews Bob Hurwitz for new “Extreme Vacation Homes” Show

travel channel extreme vacation homesIf you thought Travel Channel outdid themselves with the shows “Extreme Houseboats,” “Extreme Resorts” and “Extreme Mind-Blowing Hotels,” just wait until you see the upcoming episode on “Extreme Vacation Homes.”

In this special “Extreme” episode, Travel Channel will be giving viewers an exclusive look into some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious vacation homes. Of course, they couldn’t do this without consulting an authority in extreme luxury living, which is why they called on Bob Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz James Company. Even better, Travel Channel chose to interview Bob in his own natural habitat – his luxury beach house in Marina Del Rey, California!

See the sneak preview video of Travel Channel’s interview with Bob Hurwitz at is California retreat during which he discusses luxury real estate on the Hurwitz James Company Facebook page. Then, be sure to tune in when the new “Extreme Vacation Homes” episode premiers on Travel Channel.

 bob hurwitz

How to Stay Current in the Luxury Real Estate Market

Investors and high-end homebuyers can rely on Unique Homes and Hurwitz James Company as go-to resources for information on luxury real estate listings worldwide.

Reaching over 80 countries, the Unique Homes print and digital magazine has become an authoritative source for informative luxury real estate articles and stunning photography of the world’s most impressive properties. The Unique Homes site, which allows you to easily search listings, is also one of the most-visited luxury home websites in the industry.

Since starting in 1987, the Hurwitz James Company name has become associated with some of the world’s most prestigious neighborhoods and properties. Founder and president of Hurwitz James Company, Bob Hurwitz specializes in multimillion dollar estates and luxury residential developments and is the sole Realtor for the marketing and sales of the exclusive residential island known as the Ocean Reef Islands development.

By following Hurwitz James Company you can not only see our latest listings, but you can also stay in the know with current activity and trends in the global luxury real estate market. Here at Hurwitz James, we pride ourselves on providing a rich mix of lifestyle, listing and market information through all three of our social media platforms. But we want to hear from you, too! Join the luxury real estate discussion by following and commenting on the Hurwitz James Company blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Google’s New Venice Beach Headquarters Expected to Spark Local Real Estate & Business

While our last article sited some of the small signs of a healing housing market, one California community has extra reason to be hopeful of a stronger local real estate market. As of November of 2011, Google has firmed its roots in Venice Beach with the leasing of more than 100,000 square feet in three buildings on Main Street. Part of the new Google office is also being housed in world-renowned architect Frank Gehry’s iconic Binoculars Building.

According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, “While Google’s relocation is expected to lead at least some employees to purchase property in Venice, perhaps more importantly, brokers and others say that the company’s choice of location there is spurring others to consider the beachside community.” It is clear that the effects go beyond the fact that Google chooses locations for its offices in areas that have room to grow.

As associate economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp Kimberly Ritter-Martinez told The Hollywood Reporter, it’s the clustering effect. The area is consequently more appealing to like-minded companies and individuals. Big names that have hence purchased buildings in the same area include ad agency Zambezi Ink, actor-director Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., and co-founder of Luma Pictures Payam Shohadai.



 Photo by Majunznk

Picasso Painting Sells for $23 Million Setting Record

A luxury home isn’t complete without a one of a kind piece of fine art. But one fine art collector believed his home wasn’t complete until it dawned an original Picasso painting valued at $23 million. The unnamed collector purchased the 1967 Picasso work featuring a naked man playing a recorder for his nude lover in November 2011 for $23 million, setting a record.

According to the premier issue of luxury lifestyle magazine Bloomberg Pursuits, the world’s biggest fine art dealers will be uniting for the fourth in a series of Picasso exhibitions at Larry Gagosian’s galleries in New York and London. The expectations for the next event to take place on April 30 are very high. The first three events attracted a total of 260,000 visitors for about 300 artworks. These events with the participation of Picasso’s heirs and noted Picasso biographer John Richardson elevated by the unrivaled marketing strategies of Larry Gagosian have made Picasso the best-selling artist of the past decade.

Read more about the upcoming exhibition and fine art marketer Larry Gagosian in the Bloomberg article online. Property investors and fine art collectors might be interested to learn about Hurwitz James Company’s newest listing, The Bradbury Estate, which boasts several Venetian plaster masterpieces and domes with hand-painted frescos. Interested buyers can schedule a showing by calling 888-681-5902.

Bob Hurwitz Shows Brentwood Villa on Recent Episode of LX.TV Open House

Every week on NBC with host Sara Gore, Open House showcases the top real estate and design trends from the experts who know them best. And this past weekend, the show brought viewers to the Celebrity Villa in Brentwood, California for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with Bob Hurwitz, President of Hurwitz James Company. This special episode brings you into the luxurious lifestyle of football superstar Michael Strahan and model Nicole Murphy, former owners of the Brentwood Villa. From the exquisite custom finishes to the magnificent master suite bath, you get to see it all first-hand. In case you missed it, watch the “Square Feet: Inside Michael Strahan’s Estate” video segment online on the NBC website.

Currently listed at $6.95 million, the 6-bedroom Celebrity Villa offers stunning Mediterranean style architecture and extraordinary amenities including a chef’s kitchen, home theater, elevator and sweeping backyard with pool and spa. To see and read more about the property, visit the listing on the Hurwitz James Company website. Interested buyers can schedule a private showing with Bob Hurwitz by calling the Hurwitz James Company in Beverly Hills at 888-681-5902.


Top image via nbcnewyork.com
Bottom image via Hurwitz